Jan Luca Pletzer

Jan Luca Pletzer

Assistant Professor

Erasmus University Rotterdam


I am an assistant professor in Work and Organizational Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam. My research combines the topics of personality, contextual performance, and leadership, often using meta-analytic methods. I currently teach a first year introductory course in organizational psychology and a graduate course about attitudes and emotions in organizations.

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  • Personality
  • Contextual Performance
  • Leadership
  • Meta-Analyses
  • PhD in Social and Organizational Psychology, 2018

    VU Amsterdam

  • PhD in Business Administration (with distinction), 2018

    Jacobs University Bremen

  • MSc in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2013

    University of Groningen

  • BSc in Psychology, 2012

    University of Groningen


Below is a list of courses that I currently teach at Erasmus University Rotterdam. All courses rely on a problem-based learning approach. I also supervise approximately 10-15 undergraduate and graduate students each year.

“People at Work”

This is a first-year introductory organizational psychology course. The course is designed to provide students with an overview of what the field of work and organizational psychology has to offer. We cover topics such as motivation, job selection, leadership, teamwork, stress, organizational culture, and job performance.

“Attitudes and Emotions in Organizations”

This is a graduate course in our Work and Organizational Psychology Master program. The course addresses how job-related attitudes and emotional experiences at work relate to experiences and behavior at work. We cover topics such as job satisfaction, organizational commitment, justice theory, emotional labor, and emotional intelligence. A special focus is placed on critically evaluating the scientific literature about these topics.

“Conducting Research in Organizations”

This practical accompanies the course “Attitudes and Emotions in Organizations”. Students learn how to conduct a scientific study from scratch, and collect data to test their hypotheses. We cover topics such as academic writing, data collection, power analyses, and data analyses.